Proper dental hygiene is something that’s ingrained in all of us at an early age. Whether we learned it from our parents, our dentist, or through advertising, it’s common knowledge that brushing multiple times a day keeps the dentist away.  

But what about our skin health? When it comes to the health of the largest organ of our body, most of us take it for granted despite the potential dangers that can pose a serious risk to our well-being.  

According to WHO statistics, skin diseases are currently among the top 10 most common reasons for seeking primary health care. Unfortunately, about 30% of cases are either diagnosed too late, or not diagnosed at all due postponed doctor appointments or a lack of general knowledge. 

Our mission is to facilitate a better knowledge of skin diseases and provide a means by which people can easily monitor their skin health.  Not to mention, we want to do our part to contribute to a world filled with healthy, vibrant people. 

How to Start with Skinive

What is Skinive?

Skinive is a convenient way to detect and assess skin disease risks with your smartphone! Simply take a photo of the skin pathology and send it to the Skinive app for timely analysis.

Skinive is represented by mobile apps for consumes (patients) – Skinive app, for medical professionals – Skinive MD app, and Skinive.Cloud – API service for third party developers to integrate Skinive technology as whitelabel into Digital Health Solutions: telemedicine services, EMR, EHR, Health & Beauty apps.

Skinive checkup:

– Increases the detection rate of skin diseases with instant screening;
– Fewer referrals to specialists thanks to primary screening at home;
– Reduce the cost of identifying skin conditions when not necessary;
– Reduces the cost of treatment by detecting diseases at earlier stages;
– Skinive also lets you store photos to track changes over time, helping you closely monitor your health over the long term.

Currently, Skinive’s algorithm boasts an accuracy rate of over 90%, which is on par with professional dermatologists.

Does Skinive replace a Doctor?

Skinive is not a diagnostic device, therefore it is not a replacement for a qualified specialist. Skinive will, however, help you become more knowledgeable and aware of your skin’s health so that you can schedule a visit to a doctor if and when it is necessary. Should you feel uncomfortable, or notice that your skin abnormality is changing, becoming more irritated, or starting to bleed, we recommend you visit a medical specialist without hesitation.

Who should use Skinive?

According to UN statistics, about 1/4 of the world’s population suffers from a skin disease. In order to avoid such unpleasant experiences, each person should be attentive to their health and routinely conduct self-examinations.

Our skin is visible to the naked eye, making it easier for us to assess its condition and control for blemishes or changes. However, only specialists, such as dermatologists or cosmetologists, can determine a threat at an early stage.

Many Skinive users have informed us that they were completely unaware they were at risk before they used the app and it detected a potentially dangerous skin condition. This highlights the importance of regular self checks and close monitoring with Skinive.

Is Skinive a suitable replacement for a doctor?

Skinive does not diagnose or prescribe treatment. Therefore, it can never replace a doctor. It can, however, help you to perform self-exams and assess skin health risks with a high rate of accuracy.

Skinive helps you get to know your skin better so you can visit your doctor on time and be prepared. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or see a spot on your skin change, become irritated or bleed, we recommend that you visit a specialist doctor without hesitation.

Is my personal information safe?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Skinive does not share your personal information with third parties and takes all possible measures to ensure the security of your data.

The responsibility of our company to the work process is confirmed by Certificate ISO 13485 (Quality Management System).

All data that you provide to us is stored on secure cloud servers with trusted service providers that operate in accordance with global standards. We do our best to ensure that external service providers process your data securely and in accordance with applicable laws.

All data that you provide through the Application and / or Website is encrypted when transmitted to and from servers using TLS. In addition, the data remains encoded when stored on servers.

Read our privacy policy for more information.

About skin Self-Examination

skinive checkup
How do I conduct a Skinive check-up?

Skinive’s algorithms require high-quality images at maximum magnification in order to achieve accurate results.

Follow Skinive recommendations:
– Take photos using natural daylight, or in a brightly-lit room if possible
– Use the “Square” aspect ratio and aim the mole in the center of the frame;
– Remove all foreign objects (excess hair, jewelry, skin folds, etc.) from the frame, as well as anything that may cast a shadow on your skin ailment and diminish the quality of your photo
– Hold the camera at a distance of 10–20cm perpendicular to the skin and take a clear photo from the minimum focal length;
– Upload the photo to the Skinive app and get your results in only a few seconds!

Double check: Take 2-3 photos of the same mole or abnormality by adjusting the focal length by 2-5cm and send it to Skinive for verification. The result should be the same. However, if the results do not match, schedule an in-person consultation with a specialist.

Why do I need to track my skin regularly?

It is vital to track your skin’s condition on a routine basis in order to prevent possible diseases at an early stage. It could save you time and money on trips to a specialist, but more importantly, it is beneficial to your overall well-being and could save your life.
Regular Skin Self-control: Perform weekly self checks, and be on the lookout for any new formations or blemishes. We recommend doing so after a bath or shower when you have the opportunity to examine yourself from different angles using a mirror.
Mole control: Moles and other formations can grow and evolve over time. Once a month, take a photo of your moles that are more than 5mm in diameter or irregular in shape.
Use ABCDE Rule: Look out for asymmetry, uneven borders, and uneven color. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or see an area on your skin changing, becoming irritated, or bleeding, we recommend that you visit your doctor without hesitation. See our homepage for further information.

What skin diseases can Skinive identify?

Skinive is able to detect various skin conditions from the following classifications:

– Viral diseases: warts, papillomas, herpes;
– Fungal diseases: skin and nails mycoses;
– Papulo-squamous disorders: psoriasis, dermatitis, lichen;
– Acne: blackheads, milium, rosacea;
– Benign formations: moles, angioma, dermatofibroma;
– Pre-Cancer: dysplastic nevus, keratosis, Bouen’s disease;
– Skin cancer: melanoma and lentigo, SCC, BCC.

The list of diseases we are able to identify continues to expand as we further improve the accuracy of our algorithm. Check out our blog for the latest updates.

What should I do if Skinive detects a disease risk?

First, do not panic. The Skinive algorithm can sometimes misinterpret the skin ailment if the quality of the photo is inadequate. That’s why we strongly urge you to submit 3 photos of the same skin pathology.
If all 3 photos indicate a high level of risk – see a doctor as soon as possible.
If all 3 photos indicate an average level of risk – schedule a visit to the doctor within the next 1-2 weeks, or use a scheduled examination to get a doctor’s consultation.
Contact Skinive technical support if the minting result is different each time.

Is Skinive certified and clinically proven?

Skinive solutions are CE marked and meet all regulatory requirements for medical device class. Skinive is a Class 1 medical device that uses clinically proven technology.

Moreover, Skinive company has an ISO13485 Certificate, which confirms compliance with the requirements of regulators for the quality management system of medical device manufacturers.

Pricing and Payments

Why should I pay to use Skinive?

Our mission is to help people look after and optimize their skin health. We want a world filled with healthy and beautiful people. That is why you can use the basic functions of Skinive App absolutely free!

The Skinive team has spent years developing the technology and applications, as well as obtaining all certifications and meeting proper regulations. With Skinive, you can rest assured that you are using high-quality innovation.

Yes, you don’t have to pay for basic features, however we recommend that you get a paid subscription to gain access to all the special features of the application. As a show of good faith, we will donate one-third of the proceeds from paid subscriptions to the activities of the Skinive Foundation. That’s right! With a paid subscription, you will help The Skinive Foundation make the world a safer, healthier, more vibrant place.

Where is Skinive available?

With the exception of the US and Canada, Skinive is available worldwide. If you are located in one of these 2 countries and would like to be kept informed about when Skinive will be on the market, please feel free to contact us.

How do I get in touch if I have other questions?

If you have any questions or encounter any issues with our platform, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Skinive Challenge

What is SkiniveChallenge?

Skinive Challenge is an educational initiative aimed at raising awareness about skin diseases. As well as training in proper self-control skin health. Our task – to teach a good habit – regularly and correctly do self-monitoring of skin health. Our goal is to improve the health and beauty of people around the world, as well as to reduce the number of undetectable and late diagnosed cases of dangerous skin diseases.

#SkiniveChallenge manifesto

1. I’m not hiding from problems behind a mask
We live in an era of social networks, when carefully edited pictures replace the true reality. Thanks to various photo editors and masks, aggressive propaganda of the ideal body and face, we began to ignore real problems.
We urge you not to hide from problems. The sooner the problem is identified, the lower the risk to life and the more successful treatment

2. I am responsible for my health and the health of those around me.
Numerous viral and fungal skin diseases can be passed on from person to person. Therefore, it is extremely important not only to monitor your health, but also to motivate others to do the same.

3. I love to explore the world
Thanks to more convenient access to information, we have been able to enjoy easier and more comfortable lives. Knowledge about health empowers humanity. We invite you to learn a little more about skin health in a simple way, and help make the world a healthier, happier place.

How to join SkiniveChallenge

For starters, review all the information we’ve provided on our main page. Learn the ins and outs of conducting self-examinations of the skin and which pathologies require action on your part..

Download the Skinive app (available in AppStore & GooglePlay) and check skin abnormalities using your smartphone’s camera.
Take care of your loved ones – If you notice a pathology on the skin of a loved one, perform a checkup with the Skinive app to exclude threats to the health of loved ones.
Invite friends through your personal QR code with friends and tell your story about how you take care of your skin with Skinnive on social networks

Be creative – check the #SkiniveChallenge hashtag on social media and see how other participants talk about the Challenge. Use your social networks to educate others about the importance of skin health.
Use the #SkiniveChallenge hashtag to stay connected and share experiences.

What is Karma?

Doing good deeds with heartfelt intentions leads to good karma and a happier future for all, while the opposite has a negative impact on humanity.
The Skinive app keeps track of your good deeds when you take care of the health of others and awards you points for completing targeted actions. It’s simple, more good deeds equal more karma points!

How can I improve karma?
Skinive app awards Karma points for the following actions:

Invite your friends to use the Skinive app via your personal QR code and you will get +1 karma for each friend you invite. You can find your QR code on the Skinive app profile screen.
Use your Skinive app to check your loved ones’ skin health, giving special attention to elderly loved ones. People aged 50+ are at greater risk for skin cancer and other diseases and may have difficulty using a smartphone. For each identified risk, you will receive +1 karma point.
Donate to the Skinive Foundation. Pay for a paid subscription to the Skinive app and a third of the proceeds will go directly to the Skinive Foundation. You can also donate on Facebook or on our website. For every donation you will receive +1 karma point.

Who is behind the #SkiniveChallenge?

This initiative is managed by The Stichting Skinive Foundation (KVK 8621421). Our foundation is working to draw people’s attention to skin diseases and teach them how to properly monitor the health of their skin.
Skinive Holding B.V. is our close partner and responsible for the development of AI technology and Skinive apps.

SkiniveGang Manifesto

AI for the benefit of people:AI technologies are used only for peaceful purposes and with good intentions to improve the quality of people’s lives. AI is designed to cooperate with people on complex tasks and make their job easier by eliminating tedious work.

The value of personal data: We are committed to a data-driven culture, which means having clean and accurate data that complies with laws and regulations that guarantee the privacy of each user’s personal information. SkiniveGang adheres to strict standards for reliability, security and data integrity.

Fairness: We are responsible for the data and how its use may affect society. We will promote results based on data that is unbiased in regards to race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, income, sexual orientation, ability, and political or religious beliefs.

Transparency: We are committed to algorithmic accountability. Thus, AI products must mitigate the risks of the misuse of user data. We create products that are transparent and open about their goals and results. We are cautious, anticipating adverse consequences.

Contribution to Innovation: Provide access to relevant forms of knowledge by promoting fundamental skills and critical thinking among the community. Open, promote and facilitate access to AI research for the community.

Since AI and machine-learning technologies are constantly evolving, this Manifesto is a guideline that will be revised according to the most recent developments and knowledge gained. We will continue to develop technology, always adhering to the ethical standards of international law and human rights.

We are responsible for such initiatives in society and academia and are happy to use other positive guidelines and rules: