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HPV & Herpes

High risk

Skin herpes is a dangerous viral infection, which may lead to severe complications if not treated early

Acne & Rosacea

Medium risk

A skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with fat and dead skin cells.

Cancer risks

High risk

Malignant skin tumors are very dangerous and require immediate medical attention

Skin, nail, hair mycoses

Medium risk

Fungal skin diseases can significantly reduce quality of life and be contagious to others, treatment is needed

Psoriasis & lichen

High risk

Papulosquamous disorders often worsen overall health and cause cosmetic defects, consult a dermatologist

Dermatitis & eczema

Medium risk

Inflammatory skin diseases of various origins worsen quality of life and affect general well-being, consult a dermatologist

Do Skin Self-Exams on a weekly basis

Step 1

Goal: Find unusual objects on skin

Examine body front and back in mirror, especially legs.

Step 2

Goal: Find unusual objects on skin

Bend elbows, look carefully at forearms, back of upper arms, and palms.

Step 3

Goal: Find unusual objects on skin

Look at feet, spaces between toes and soles.

Step 4

Goal: Find unusual objects on skin

Examine back of neck and scalp with a hand mirror. Part hair and lift.

Step 5

Goal: Find unusual objects on skin

Finally, check back and buttocks with a hand mirror.

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Evaluate unusual signs with Skinive

Skin Self-exam with AI in a 3 steps

Take a photo

As simple as that! Go to a well-lit room and snap a photo of skin issue.

Assess skin health

In a matter of seconds, the Skinive app will analyse skin health and provide you with a full analysis of skin.

Ongoing monitoring

Use Skinive on a weekly basis to monitor skin's improvement throughout time — all the way to clear skin!

Which skin conditions require evaluation with Skinive App?

Psoriasis & lichen

There are multiple plaques or spots on the body (usually pink or cyanotic), peeling or scales


One or more red patches with peeling and itching, diaper rash in skin folds and changed nails

HPV & Herpes

Raised skin-colored growths on the palms and the feet or blistering rash

Cancer risks

All moles over 5 mm with irregularly shaped borders and colour

Acne & Rosacea

Many red pimples on the face or body against the background of oily skin or redness

Dermatitis & eczema

Redness of the skin with discomfort, blisters or small ulcers, sometimes there are crusts and weeping


All moles over 5 mm with irregularly shaped borders and colour

Key features

LowThreat level

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Using regular Skinive screening to perform more meaningful skin self-exams

AI-based realtime camera helps to take the best photos, allowing to see & evaluate skin problems

3D Skin-map increases accuracy and improves the speed of documentation


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